Multi-Application Practical Learning Environment (MAPLE)


Any Cyber AFSC/MOS. Open to all service branches as well as DoD Civilians & Contractors.

Course Description

The MAPLE range is a realistic network training range comprised of virtual machines simulating a ‘friendly’ network enclave complete with a firewall, intrusion detection software, and typical network web and email traffic. Malicious and unauthorized traffic also transits the simulated network. Teams of operators utilize common network monitoring tools to detect, identify and mitigate the malicious and/or unauthorized traffic on the friendly network while maintaining the legitimate web and email traffic.

Exercise Objectives

The standard objectives for a MAPLE exercise are:

At the end of the three-hour exercise, the team lead will conduct a performance debrief using the system generated shot validation (shot val). This gives the team a chance to see and understand the full truth data of the traffic that was active on the network during the exercise as well as any steps taken by the team to protect the network.

This debrief information will help the team identify skills that require additional training, as well as highlight best practices and lessons learned that the team members can then apply to real world operations.


The total time from team check in to end of debrief is approximately 4 1/2 hours. This includes 30 minutes of setup time for the team to get initial configurations in place, a 3 hour vul window, a 30 minute break while the team lead prepares the debrief, and a 30 minute debrief.


The MAPLE range is available via the Internet using a standard web browser. Team members are provided with login credentials to virtual workstations on the range network.

Connection requirements and recommendations are provided to teams along with connection testing details.

A point of contact, or ‘Team Lead’ who will distribute information from the welcome package and prepare the team.

Other Information

Location: Distance Learning
Cost: No cost to student or unit
Classification: Unclassified